We want to talk to you about your insurance. Hang on, don’t let your eyes glaze over and your mind tune to the latest Taylor Swift single. This is good news, we promise.

Recently, CUP struck a brand new partnership with Campus Shield, an insurance program focused specifically on student businesses.  Because if nobody is threatening to sue you, you’re not doing your job right, right?

Here’s what this partnership means for CUP members:

  • 10% discount on insurance premiums under privileged CUP member rating (when binding coverage with Campus Shield)
  • Provide risk management consulting to CUP members on a limited basis – 2.5 hours per publication
  • Host a Libel and Risk Management workshop at NASH on an annual basis
  • Provide quarterly risk management newsletter to CUP members specifically addressing student publication issues
  • Sponsor two business manager awards with a prize of $500 each (apply here)
  •  Access to online risk management seminars and speaker series (once you sign up with Campus Shield)
  • Customized insurance policy wordings
  • Publisher and Media risk assessment survey
  • Unlimited risk management consulting and development of multiyear risk management plan for each publication (once you sign up with Campus Shield)
  • Insurance placement savings achieved through economies of scale (relative to competitor pricing and policy quality)

To use any of services, get in touch with Jeff McCann who’s our rep over at Campus Shield: jmccann@shawsabey.com.

Jeff has been able to save some student papers 35% on their insurance premiums — and that’s without the CUP discount. Insurance is something you don’t think about until you need it. Shoot a quick email to Jeff so you can strike pre-emptively. We promise the conversation will be painless.